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At present, the Technical Rescue Association still provides the funding and logistical support that makes RQC possible. This is done in coordination with tremendous amounts of time and effort put in by the host locations. Those locations today are Tidewater, Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, Roanoke Valley, and the agencies that occupy them. In order to promote our passion we have expanded our services and now offer specialized training in the fields of Technical Rescue and Urban Search & Rescue. With the help of all the members and agencies involved, our training provides the most up to date information, technology, and techniques, and allows participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge base through instruction and experience. All of the events we provide and participate in also give members a platform for networking and give them the opportunity to discuss techniques and share related information in both formal and informal settings. With your continued support we can easily move the Technical Rescue field into the 21st century and help provide efficient and effective rescue results when the time calls for us! Thank you to all the dedicated members and agencies that continue to move forward in this ever expanding field! Progression would not be possible without you!       


Technical Rescue Assn of Virginia Rescue Challenge

The Technical Rescue Association of Virginia was established in May of 1995 by members of the rescue community that recognized there was a need for more realistic and advanced training for members of their teams. Training that would test a teams abilities and knowledge, and require them to solve complex problems to affect a rescue or neutralize a given situation. With this, Rescue Challenge was born! Now over twenty years later, RQC is bigger and stronger than ever. RQC is a high level mult-discipline training event where more than 12 rescue teams participate in 8 different scenarios throughout a 4 day period with limited guidelines and little to no interference. With safety being paramount, each site is given a dedicated facilitator and a safety officer to assist with oversight. The scenarios are set up at different locations around a host location and provide some of the best training evolutions offered to date.The scenarios are set up to include a wide range of problems including cave rescue, rope or high angle rescue, heavy equipment incidents, trench rescue, water rescue , industrial incidents, structural collapse, confined space rescue, railway incidents and civil disturbance to name a few .The teams that attend RQC are composed of members that make up local and regional strike teams and task forces throughout Virginia and the surrounding states. Some are also a part of the Federal Emergency Managements Agency's task forces. The knowledge and experience gained from this event helps rescuers hone their skills and better prepare for incidents they may encounter in the future by maintaining the highest degree of preparedness for such an event. Members who have attended in the past believe RQC truly does offer some of the most realistic and challenging training they have ever been able to attend!